Turbomachinery Monitoring & Protection Systems

Excel Marco as a VAR for CCC (Compressor Control Corporation) offers proven industry leading turbomachinery control application such as:

Speed/ Extraction Control

  • Fuel Control
  • Antisurge Control
  • Integral Process Control
  • Compressor Load Sharing
  • Generator Control
  • High Speed Positioning

We engineered a wide range of CCC products for optimum turbomachinery control.
The range of turbomachinery control product includes:

  • Series 3 Plus Platform
  • Series 4 Platform
  • Series 5 systems which has Series 5 Reliant and Series 5 Vanguard.
  • TrainView II operator interface software and TrainTools configuration software.

The various types of turbomachinery that we can control are:

  • Centrifugal Compressors
  • Axial Compressors
  • Steam Turbines
  • Gas Turbines
  • Turbine Driven Generators/Pumps
  • Hot Gas Expanders
  • Cryogenic Expanders
  • Power Recovery Trains

We provide a full service in-house panel shop for the control systems. When it comes to on-site installation and start-up and commissioning services, we have a team of trained engineers with experience in the turbomachinery processes, instrumentation and control.

Every solution we build is as unique as that client's requirements and technological processes. We customize our standard software and hardware as necessary to achieve fully integrated control and protection for every turbomachinery application.

Besides control systems for green field plants, we provide cost effective upgrades for existing controls primarily due to:

  • Product obsolescence
  • Poor control due to wear and tear
  • Increase process throughput
  • Plant expansion and de-bottlenecking